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Address History Trace (SS Trace)

To insure a thorough assessment of your applicant’s criminal and professional background, an Address History Trace is essential. From a variety of public and proprietary sources, including utility companies, credit bureaus, and telephone directories, For The Record, Inc. (FTR) is able to build a probable address history which allows you to perform a more comprehensive search.

Civil Index Search

This search can be found at the federal, state, or county levels and is filed by individuals or corporations against other private parties or corporations. The most recent 7-year history is provided which includes information concerning divorce, product liability suits, violation of civil rights, judgments, nonpayment of goods and other similar cases.

Comprehensive (National) Criminal Search

FTR's Comprehensive Search is a database of over 200 million criminal records obtained from over 140 different sources throughout the country, including the National Sex Offender Registry, Wanted Person’s Security Screen and the terrorist Watch List Search. A CCS will significantly increase the scope of search that might otherwise go undetected, but it is only a supplemental search and must be used in conjunction with a Statewide or a County request.

Criminal Records Search

FTR offers Criminal Searches at the County, State, and International levels. Our County records are hand searched and include the most recent 7-year history. The Statewide records are searched through State-level repositories and may include up to a 25-year history. International records can be obtained from Canada, Mexico and most foreign countries.

Driving Records

Motor Vehicle Record provides a seven-year history and includes date of issue, expiration date, status, infractions and restrictions.

Federal District Court Search

The Federal Search includes Civil, a forum where federal statutory or constitutional rights are in question, Criminal, where the federal government assimilates charges against an individual in lieu of a local government or police agency, and Bankruptcy.

Education, Professional and Credential Verifications

Degrees, licenses and/or credentials are verified with the institution provided. Education searches include attendance, degrees, and completion dates. Professional verifications include the validity and currency of the claimed license or certification.

Employment Verifications

Previous employer(s) are contacted to verify dates of employment, position held, compensation, and eligibility for rehire.

Personal References and Landlord Verifications

Personal references are contacted and verified. As part of out tenant screening service, landlords are contacted and verified.

Military Record Verification

Reports include rank, dates of service, occupational training, awards, and decorations and discharge information.

National Sex Offender Registry

A comprehensive search of over 700,000 registered sex offenders obtained from all 50 states plus Washington DC, Puerto Rico and Guam. The report we offer is a DOB and name match, unlike other sources, who only search by name.

Social Security Validation

This search is included, free, with all criminal requests and reveals the state and year the Social Security Number was issued.

Facis Fraud and Abuse Control Information System

A nationwide search of the historical database of Physicians, PA’s Nurses & other Allied Health Professionals and Entities having had action brought against them. Also searched is the OFAC list, which contains the names and organizations that have had financial transactions and property blocked by the U.S. Treasury – Office of Foreign Assets Control.

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